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About the Company

We specialize in meetings with complex requirements for organizations whose officers like precise and timely management information.

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On-line Registration

At RSL, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the best, most comprehensive and customized registration services possible. With our online registration systems, we offer each conference a custom-designed secure system which matches the look and feel of the conference's own web site.

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Registration Systems Lab has been in business since 1989 and can provide references from many satisfied customers.

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Our Mission

RSL’s mission is to use state of the art technology to register conference attendees via the Internet and on-site through a straightforward, efficient and visually appealing system with minimal cost and maximum utility to the conference’s organizers.

Our Vision

Conference registration should be simple for registrants. The results should be easy to understand by conference organizers. The organizers should have complete confidence in the accuracy, integrity and commitment of the registration company to the conference’s success.

Conference Services Worldwide

RSL is a multi-lingual registration company specializing in comprehensive, full-service registration processing and on-site management worldwide.

Who We Are & What We Do

We provide our clients with a fully comprehensive registration service and specialize in meetings with complex requirements for organizations whose officers like precise and timely management information. From pre-conference design, advance registration and on-site operations anywhere in the world to post conference activities and follow-ups, our goal is to provide hassle-free, accurate registration systems with an emphasis on customized service with a personal touch.

Our staff is fluent in English, French, Indonesian/Malay, Vietnamese and Mandarin and regularly handle conferences with multiple currencies, split sites and other complexities. Exhibition lead-retrieval services are also available.

  • Advance Registration

    • Downloadable registration forms designed in the easy-to-use PDF format for manual processing via fax or mail
    • Fully customized, comprehensive online registration systems designed and maintained to match the look and feel of the event’s website for seamless integration
    • Multiple forms of payment processing using RSL’s or the client’s merchant facilities making deposits into the event’s bank account on a regular periodic basis
    • Email acknowledgements, confirmations including receipt information and event details, and mass announcements
    • Secure real-time online reporting and data available under password protection 24 hours a day
    • Custom badge design and production including stock and materials

  • Personal & Professional Service

    • Dedicated staff to answer registration questions by phone or email and manage registrant accounts to track payments, balances/refunds due, invoices and various other transactions
    • Attendee type validation including membership checking, student eligibility, etc.
    • Review and proofing services to eliminate false data and insure accurate registrant information
    • Database management to supply specific data on a regular periodic basis, including attendee lists and activity reports

  • On-site & Beyond

    • On-site operations including the management of staff, staging of the registration area and daily reporting
    • On-site registration including high-quality laser printed badge production and self-registration stations
    • Lead retrieval devices supplied with custom mag card production
    • Final audited registration reports including detailed counts, financials, registrant data and demographics
    • Data archiving and historical comparison charts for returning clients

About Us

Registration Systems Lab, Inc. is a Florida corporation owned by Carole Mann and Michael Moshell. RSL has been in operation since 1989, specializing in professional conferences with high requirements for responsive service and flawless accuracy. We handle complex events involving international venues, multiple currencies and demanding clienteles. RSL has three fulltime and two part-time employees. Additional part-time labor is used as needed for individual conferences.


Carole Mann

President & Founder

Carole Mann is the President and co-founder of Registration Systems Lab, Inc. Carole has been involved with conference management since 1987. In 1991, she co-founded Registration Systems Lab and has built the business from the ground up. She has developed long term relationships with client organizations and established RSL’s guiding philosophy: Every client must receive service that convinces them that their complete satisfaction is RSL’s supreme goal.

Mike Moshell co-founded RSL with his wife Carole Mann, and developed the software systems upon which the company is based. With a Ph.D in Computer Science from Ohio State University, Mike’s background in user interface design and object oriented software architecture makes it possible to incorporate state of the art technology into RSL’s registration systems.


J. Michael Moshell

Vice-President & Co-founder

Track Record

Since 1989, RSL has provided registration services for professional conferences with attendance ranging from 40 to 3000. Our performance has been reported as highly satisfactory by conference committees and attendees alike. Carole Mann was also the recipient of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Service Award for RSL’s registration management of the 24th ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages which was held January 1997 in Paris, France.

Computerized Registration System

Our registration system is hosted on a secure server and is fully equipped to provide all statistical and financial information of the conference in a timely manner. Reports can be provided in electronic form including .XLS (Microsoft Excel) and .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) printable documents and “up-to-the-minute” data is available on-line for instant access to counts and financials. RSL also has the in-house capability to construct secure, PCI-compliant, customized electronic-commerce systems and specialized internet interfaces as required by each conference.

RSL’s customized on-line registration system is built around the use of the client’s own web style-sheet and graphic imagery, so that the registration system is visually compatible and fully integrated with the conference’s informational web site.

On-Site Management

RSL’s on-site registration operations are designed to be self-sufficient, and are often deployed in international venues where neither Internet access nor 110-volt power are available. Our systems are set up to concurrently manage payment in multiple currencies.

What Clients Say About Us

“Thank you very much for your excellent service and for all the extra tweaks and infos that you provided us with. It was also extremely helpful to draw on your rich experience with the many other conferences that you accompanied with your service. I’ll surely recommend you to the next ICFP chair so that he also enjoys first-class service like we did.”

Peter Thiemann

University of Freiburg
“I was (again, as usual) positively impressed by the web site. It is very well done (and I have seen many different conference registrations). Clear design, takes care of all eventualities, can immediately enter discounts, update the “shopping cart”, just perfect. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be glad to provide. Every time I have dealt with you, it has been a pleasure.”

Dr. Frances Paulisch

Siemens AG
“I would like to express my heart-felt thanks for the great job you did for the registration at KDD in Paris. All along you were perfectly professional, always helpful and really very nice to work with. Despite the hassle of having to handle registrations in various currencies, you were perfect for solving all our participants’ problems, wherever they came from. As General Chair for this Conference, I can say that, had it not been for you, the organizing Committee would have had a lot more problems. As it was, registration was perfectly smooth, and, thanks to your reporting, we could trace the level of registrants in real time. Again, thanks a lot.”

Françoise Soulié Fogelman

“So much of the positive outcome and success of the ASH Annual Scientific Meeting was dependent on the historical memory, dedication and long, hard hours of work of the Society’s behind-the-scenes registration management team. My sincere gratitude and thanks – on behalf of the ASH Leadership – for your dedicated and effective participation.”

Torry Mark Sansone

American Society of Hypertension